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The Sunrise Shells of Kauai ohana: Leeona, Claudette, Gary, and Dylan The Sunrise Shells of Kauai ohana - left to right:

Leeona Thompson
Sunnie Muse, first mate, jewelry maker and model

Claudette Hooser
Sunnie Mom, sunnie cleaner, crafter and motivator

Gary Hooser
Sunnie Webman, communications, fulfillment

Dylan Hooser
The Main Sunnie Man - Captain, dive master and chief picker

About Us: Sunrise Shells of Kauai

Led by entrepreneur and scuba diver Dylan Hooser, Sunrise Shells of Kauai is a small network of Kauai Ohana - "family and friends" who love Hawaiian Sunrise Shells. We are serious collectors, jewelry makers, surfers, divers and beach lovers who are embracing our hobby, our Hawaii island lifestyle and our love of the ocean.

Each sunrise shell specimen is selected individually by hand with care and aloha from deep ocean waters off Kauai and only those shells whose creatures have long ago departed their beautiful homes are chosen. No living creature is ever harmed or disturbed, no sunrise shells are ever taken from Hawaii's public beaches and the appropriate permits from the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources have been obtained. These Hawaiian Sunrise Shells are then carefully cleaned, graded and photographed. Some are then posted for sale online destined to be made into shell jewelry, some are offered as precious gifts to friends and family, some are put aside for our future children and grandchildren.

Once or twice per month we may visit each of the Hawaiian islands including Maui, Oahu and Hawaii and meet for personal showings with serious collectors and local jewelry makers. To schedule an appointment anywhere in the State of Hawaii, email us today at gary@sunriseshellsofkauai.com or call/text Gary or Dylan Hooser at 1-808-652-4279. We ship within two business days to any location in the world.

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