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Hawaiian Sunrise Shells -
the ultimate gift of love and aloha.

Like a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise at dawn, each of our Kauai sunrise shells is extraordinary and no two are ever the same.

Some say these shells were once worn exclusively by Hawaiian royalty. While we don’t know for sure, we do know they appear to exist only in the Hawaiian Islands, the most isolated island chain on the entire planet.

We believe that the Sunrise Shells found on Kauai are the most beautiful, have the greatest range of color and reflect the spirit of Hawaii more so than any other.

About Sunrise Shells of Kauai

Sunrise Shells of Kauai is a Hawaii based small business owned by Dylan Hooser, a Kauai born lover of the ocean who scuba dives in the Hawaiian waters off the shore of Kauai collecting beautiful Sunrise Shells that are later turned into unique one-of-a-kind shell jewelry. These gorgeous shells are found only in the Hawaiian Islands and the jewelry (pendants, earrings, bracelets and more) that is made from them is unique and very special. Only non-living sunrise shells are taken and no living creatures are ever disturbed.

While sunrise shells are found on all of the Hawaiian islands including Maui, Oahu and on the island of Hawaii, the Kauai shells are thought to be the most beautiful and have the greatest variety of color. If you are a jewelery maker who specializes in beach or shell jewelry, or a serious collector of shells, Sunrise Shells of Kauai would like to meet you. For further information and for wholesale purchases click here to contact Dylan Hooser.